2017 Markets

You may find us at the following markets for 2017…

Cobblestone Winter Market: Saturdays 9am – 11am, Jan 14th thru March 18th, located in The Chatham Building, 305 West 4th Street, Winston Salem, NC


Cobblestone Outdoor Market: Saturdays 9am – noon, April 8th thru November 18th

We are very excited and humbled to sell along beside other great growers right here in our own community. As we continue this journey, we are thankful to all the encouraging people who support us by purchasing what we grow, and we are pleased to bring to market other unique items that fit our passion…

Our bees are producing honey, and we are growing edible flowers to provide both fresh and candied. We have a another home made product in the pipeline that should put a smile on everyone at the dinner table. Stay tuned! 🙂

Also happening at Farmhaven…We are having fun learning to grow through the winter in a high tunnel. Winston Salem is fortunate to have some locations where our community can buy locally produced food through the winter. One such place is Let It Grow Produce, on Country Club Road. Becky makes every effort to provide her customers with a full selection of proteins, veggies, and other locally made food. Becky has carried our vegetables during the periods where markets were not operating. As we get our volume up, this is one location in which we would like to continue providing vegetables to our community throughout the year.

We look forward to seeing you at our table.

Eat well!

Reynolda Village Farmer’s Market this morning


Bringing a medley of heirloom tomatoes.

Ripe. Naturally and sustainably grown in our market garden.

Why Heirloom? Because of the variety of wonderful tastes.

Featuring… Black Krim, Italian Heirloom, Rosso Siciliano, Nebraska Wedding, Berkley Tie Die, Jacinthe Jewel, Martino Roma, Sioux, Dr. Wyche’s Yellow, Sweet Pea Current, Blonderkopchen, Principe Borghese, Green Grape.